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PoolSan was discovered by chance in South Africa over 20 years ago. One day Mr Egon Wegrostek, a qualified and experienced Metallurgist, found that his chlorine treated pool had turned green. Upon realising that he had ran out of chlorine Mr Wegrostek embarked upon an experiment that would change the future of swimming pool cleaning and maintenance forever...

Using his access to a range of natural minerals in his workshop, his knowledge of Mineralogy – and a bit of luck! – he mixed together a few ingredients in the hope that he could clean his pool before he re-supplied with chlorine.

Much to his astonishment the formula not only worked, but far expected his expectations. His water was now clear, odourless and less irritate on skin. After this discovery, there was no looking back!

Today, PoolSan continues to use the natural minerals copper, zinc, aluminium, silver and gold that formed the basis of Mr Wegrostek’s original formula.

Over the past 20 years, the PoolSan formula has been rigorously developed and tested to ensure its long-term viability. Trial studies confirm what Mr Wegrostek had discovered – PoolSan vastly improves the quality of swimming pool and spa water, whilst ensuring that bathers and pool maintenance staff no longer suffer from the possible side effects of harmful chemicals.

In further recognition of its effectiveness, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health approved PoolSan as a complete replacement of chlorine in commercial pools and spas. In the UK, various hotel groups and health clubs have moved away from traditional chlorine treatments in favour of PoolSan.

All this goes to prove that PoolSan is the future of swimming pool and spa water treatment – click here to find out more about how PoolSan works.

How it works

PoolSan’s unique patented formula ensures 100% chlorine-free swimming. The use of the natural mineral ions copper, silver, zinc, aluminium and gold mean it is a natural biocide which destroys bacteria and algae within your pool or spa without the need for chemicals.

These natural mineral ions have long been noted for their sterilization and anti-bacterial qualities. The Ancient Egyptian’s recorded in their medical text, the Smith Papyrus (c. 2400 BC), that copper was an ideal sterilization agent for drinking water and wounds. While Greek philosopher and historian, Herodotus, recorded that no Persian king would travel without wagons carrying silver jars as it was vital to ensuring they had enough fresh water for years during their long campaigns. Even today, big brands such as Samsung and Elastoplast use silver and its bacteria killing qualities in their washing machines and plasters respectively.

Our easy to uses the microscopic action of these natural mineral ions to break down bacteria and algae in a two step process:

  1. The algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the natural mineral ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls.
  2. All these broken down particles floc together so they can be trapped by a filter. The natural mineral ions continue the breakdown process and maintain a stable ‘PoolSan’ residual in the water until they are used up by this process.

Thanks to this microscopic action, you only have to add a fresh dosage once the PoolSan solution has been completely used up breaking down bacteria and algae. Our solution is unaffected by conditions, such as high temperatures, which can cause chlorine products to be directed away from the task of fighting bacteria and algae in your water.

Therefore, PoolSan is much more efficient and lasts up to 3 times longer than chlorine. Its non-corrosive qualities also prevent scale build-up on pipes and machinery!

Thanks to it being a natural biocide, PoolSan then removes the potentially harmful effects of chlorine and creates a much more comfortable environment and a more enjoyable swimming experience. PoolSan breaks down bacteria and algae to create sparklingly clear, clean, soft and hygienic water that is tasteless, odourless, and – because it a hypoallergenic – does not irritate skin or eyes.

The lack of chemicals also means that, unlike chlorine, you do not have to wait for your dosage to safely dissipate. You can start swimming in your pool or relaxing in your spa 15 minutes after dosage.

To put it simply, PoolSan is the only genuine 100% chlorine-free swimming experience that will completely change your swimming environment for the better and provide simple and effective pool maintenance.

To find out more benefits of PoolSan, click here.


Poolsan is a unique solution that has numerous benefits:

  • The only genuine 100% chlorine-free swimming experience
  • Hypo Allergenic — does not cause eye irritations, ear infections, asthmatic attacks, inflame psoriasis, eczema or other skin irritations
  • Odourless — no more chlorine smells or residue
  • Non Toxic – does not bleach hair or costumes
  • Controls bacteria, algae and fungi – solution works solely on breaking these down
  • Longer lasting — up to 3 times longer than chlorine
  • Simple to use – switching from chlorine is made easy
  • Can swim after 15 minutes of dosage – allows you to immediately enjoy your pool
  • Non-corrosive — prevents scaling of pipes
  • Natural water softener – physically softer water
  • Promotes sparkling crystal clear water
  • Ozone, environmentally and user friendly
  • Proven in long term trials

How to switch from chlorine

Switching to PoolSan from traditional chlorine treatments is easy for both private and commercial pools.

The whole process is simple and can be completed in a few hours, and for commercial pools it does not generally require pool closure.

In general, less pH correction is required but whether a site needs pH ‘plus’ or pH ‘minus’ depends on the area and water quality.

Our pool treatment guide will provide all the details you need on switching – if you still have any questions then please contact us.