What is poolSan?

PoolSan is a saturated complex ionic aqueous solution containing chiefly Copper, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Manganese, Iron and Nitrogen. PoolSan completely eliminates the need for chlorine, algaecides and flocculants in treating your swimming pool water.

How does PoolSan work and why is it more effective than other pool treatments?

The microscopic action of the ions with the algae and bacteria are twofold. First, the algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes as the ions break down their DNA structures and cell walls. Second, all these charged particles floc together and then they are more effectively trapped by the filter. The ions maintain a stable PoolSan residual in the water until they are used up by this process.

How does PoolSan vary from Chlorine and even Bromine products?

In Solution PoolSan has a much lower toxicity than the extreme ratings of chlorine and bromine. When swimming if PoolSan treated water is swallowed it is not harmful, it will not sting your eyes, will not bleach your hair, and is odourless.

Can I swim in the water immediately after dosing with PoolSan?

Yes. After dosage you can swim immediately, whereas chlorine needs time to dissipate before bathing.

Is it safe if I swallow swimming pool water treated with PoolSan solution?

Yes it is totally safe and non toxic to humans at the recommended dosage levels and does not pose any hazard at all as all the active ingredients are well within the recommended limits for drinking water in the UK.

What must I do when I first start using PoolSan solution?

Make sure that the filter is in fact working!! Backwash your filter to ensure it is clean. Check the pH, it should be between 7.0 to 7.4 If Not adjust with pool acid or alkali. Add PoolSan as per the dosage guidelines on the bottle, ensuring to add half the dose directly into the weir whilst the filter is running and the other half just poured into the pool itself.

How do we get rid of the chlorine presently in the pool?

Chlorine is compatible with PoolSan. You simply add PoolSan instead of chlorine as your next dose would be due – half in the weir and half directly into the pool. The chlorine will evaporate on its own, and your next dose of PoolSan will only be due in approximately four weeks.

How long does it last?

An average of four to five weeks. This is only a guide and may vary slightly due to temperature changes, pool usage, and hours of sunlight etc.

Are there any special considerations when disposing of backwashed water or emptying my pool?

No. PoolSan treated water poses no threat to the environment whatsoever unlike chlorine treated water. PoolSan treated water can even be backwashed onto the lawn or your flowerbeds.

Can PoolSan be used in above ground pools?

Yes. PoolSan is equally as effective in above ground and below ground pools and spas, provided the dosing guidelines are adhered to.

What other chemicals will I need to use in conjunction with PoolSan in my pool?

You will only need to use an acid or alkali to adjust the pH level of the water. PoolSan will eliminate the need for flocculants and algaecides.

How can I test for residual levels of PoolSan solution in my swimming pool water?

The Copper in PoolSan solution is a good indicator of the level of active ingredients in the water. Copper content can be measured by using PoolSan Pooltester. The optimum copper content of the water should be 0.5mg/litre if the level drops to less than this you can add your next dose of PoolSan solution – it should be noted that 2.0mg/litre is the maximum allowable level of copper in drinking water in the UK.

Does the chemical cause any stains in the Pool?

If you substantially overdose your pool, turquoise marks will appear on the walls.

If you stop dosing the pool these marks will slowly disappear on their own. If you wish to remove these marks faster use only Hydrochloric acid (normal pool acid) for one to two weeks, making sure you maintain the correct pH (7.0 – 7.2). Then recommence dosing with PoolSan solution 3 to 4 weeks after the stains have disappeared. The minerals in the solution are then IONISED and will not revert to a solid nor a crystal.

What other effects occur if I over dose my pool with PoolSan solution?

A possible effect of substantial overdosing is white bathing costumes and very fair hair may show a slight discolouring (very very pale blue tinge). To return the hair to its natural colour rinse it in vinegar and then wash as per normal. It is worth noting that under the same circumstances in a pool treated with chlorine the same hair will show a green discoloration, and would not be as easily remedied. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN IF THE DOSING GUIDELINES ARE ADHERED TO - DO NOT OVER DOSE!

Does PoolSan react with the Ozone generators on Spas?

PoolSan will not react with the Ozone, but it will effectively remove the need for the Ozone.

Will the water need dosing during the Winter?

It is recommended that you administer one dose when you close your pool, and then test for Copper after three months to see if it needs further dosing. Due to the risk of staining, it is not advisable to triple dose when you close your pool.

If we put half the product in the pool and half into the skimmer box, does this affect the winter dosing when the pool is closed and filtration is shut down?

The last dose before closing the pool will be done half into the weir and half into the pool (with the pump running). Whilst the pool is closed down, if the test strip shows a lack of PoolSan i.e. Less than 0.4mg/l of Copper, then any dosing can be done directly into the pool without having to start up the pump etc. The first dose when the pool is reopened must be done half into the weir and half poured round the pool with the pump running as per usual.

Will PoolSan have an effect on green algae on grouting on tiles?

PoolSan will kill the algae responsible for staining, and with regular brushing, the dead algae will come away from the grouting after about one or two months. The effect of the PoolSan will be visible within three to four days.